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Natalie was fortunate to find a good trading system in 2009, however it lacked clear trading rules for entries, exits, and management of trades. She began to refine the foundation of the system she was given, and has since developed a trading system which is simple, easy to trade, with VERY clear entry rules and zero grey areas. It is easy to understand and even easier to apply the rules, which allows students of FOREX, to start making pips within the first hour after watching our Level 1 Course. Since September 2012 she has been a full time trader, making a constant income from the Forex Market, loving every moment of it! Natalie’s main objective is to give the world her gift by helping as many traders as possible to become successful, confident, and happy, without having to go through the years of learning, studying, hoping and despair which she went through before finding success. As a professional teacher Natalie possesses the skill and clarity to help almost anyone who is frustrated and struggling with Forex trading to “Fill the Gaps” of misunderstandings, and trade successfully.

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