Introduction to a Simple Strategy

Welcome to Your Main Course.

We have found that most traders struggled with finding a simple solution to achieve their FOREX trading goals.  Our Mission is to assist Frustrated Forex traders to obtain positive Results based upon the principles of Clarity and Simplicity, Correct Knowledge at Unbeatable Value, built upon the foundation of Integrity.

In this short course you will be introduced to a simple trading set-up to get you used to taking trades by a specific set of rules with “NO GREY AREAS.”  Most traders fail because they do not have a precise entry and exit strategy that they consistently follow.

We invite you to try this with a demo account, as the Risk : Reward ratio is not balanced.

This training is a warm-up for our Level 1 Advanced Course.  Have fun with this trading set-up strategy.


  1. A very friendly and elegant introduction to trading Forex with a simple and effective set of indicators. The creators of this simple strategy obviously have considerable experience and insight in this market. A very good start for anyone who wants to enter this market under the guidance of skilled mentors.

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