Intermediate Trader – Level 2

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Intermediate Trader – Level 2

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In this course, we introduce an even more advanced trading methodology, working toward a more accurate method for filtering the higher probability trades to further increase your odds of winning. The student is introduced to 2 new indicators, and begins to recognize the distinction between a trending market and a counter trending market. The outside bar disappears in this training (for now), but will be re-introduced in the ADVANCED – Level 3 Course. Our intent is to demonstrate how to lower the risk of taking counter trend trades so that you can participate in ranging markets, and those that are not clearly trending. Our objective is to expose more trade opportunities which are available with this method. This system still relies on a range breakout, and so we find that other indicators provide more trade opportunities. This part of the system is designed for intermediate students who are challenged with learning to trade while working a full time job. So this part of our training hangs on to the set-and-forget criteria you have previously learned. Enjoy learning the concepts of the this sightly more advanced method, so you will possess the prerequisite knowledge introduced in the ADVANCED – Level 3 training.

Lessons for this course include:

  1. Trending Markets in 3 Time Frames – Video Course (38 min)
  2. Constructing a Watchlist – Video Course (17 min)
  3. Counter Trend Trading Markets in 3 Time Frames – Video Course (17 min)
  4. Trading Indicators, Instruction Manual, Platform and Indicator Settings, Trading Template


  • Prerequisites for this course include the training in Forex Basics Plus BASIC – Level 1 and BEGINNER – Level 1 Advanced courses. We assume you have all the background of having taken a minimum of 40 trades with our prior system, so we provide no review on the use of the tools and indicators from BASIC, nor the BEGINNER courses.
  • Your proficiency with MT4 platform, Windows Explorer Software, and General Computer Knowledge should be expanding, and should almost be second nature by now.
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What is the target audience?

This course is intended for intermediate to advanced students who are serious about learning how to master the essential fundamentals of Technical Forex Trading with clarity, simplicity, exact entry and exit rules, and proper money and risk management. This course is the foundation for our ADVANCED – Level 3 course, which is our all inclusive trading methodology.
Planning Your Trade - Trending Markets High Probability Counter Trend Trading!

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