Basic Trader Course – Level 1

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Basic Trader Course – Level 1

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This course is an Introduction to the Forex Basics Plus trading method, and is the foundation on which the Forex Basics Plus Trading system is built. We illustrate how a simple, uncluttered bar chart – in combination with one momentum indicator can help you to spot easy Trading Setups and show you that you do not need a complicated trading system to be able to trade successfully in the Forex Market. Take this course to gain the prerequisite background to understand the Forex Basics Plus BEGINNER – Level 1 Advanced Course. The combination of a good, solid and proven trading plan, self-discipline, practice, patience and persistence are all the ingredients a trader needs to be able to gain an advantage in this market. Our hope for you, while testing this little setup, is to develop and work on some of those skills while gaining confidence in the system as well as in yourself as a trader. The student will be provided fundamental concepts needed to learn how to trade FOREX utilizing the basic indicators of this method.

Topics include:

  • MT4 Platform Essentials – Video Course (23 Minutes) Installing The Indicators onto the MT4 Platform – Video (7 Minutes) Setting Audio Alerts – Video (9 Minutes) Introduction to a Simple Strategy – Video Course (11 Minutes) Zip Files containing Trading Indicators, Instruction Manual, Platform and Indicator Settings, Trading Template


  • Designed for New or Beginning Students of Forex who have limited knowledge of the Forex Basics Plus methodology.
  • Clean, Virus Free Computer with Windows Environment. If you are using a MAC make sure you have a Windows emulator such as VirtualBox by Oracle (free), Parallels, etc.
    • 4 GB RAM Minimum recommended, MT4 performs better with 8GB.
      • CPU with 2.7 GHz Processor (Multiple Cores Work Better)
  • Proficiency in use of Windows Explorer Software and General Computer Knowledge.
  • Basic Knowledge of FOREX Trading – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be searched on the website You are not expected to go through all the school courses in, but please research answers to your basic questions before contacting support.
  • Send “Support Related” questions to

What is the target audience?

This course is intended for newly aspiring FOREX traders with limited trading background OR anyone interested in learning or reviewing the essential fundamentals of Forex Trading using a simplified strategy. The course is aimed at enlightened beginners, so only a basic understanding of the Windows operating system, and familiarity of the lingo of FOREX (as obtained from, or a similar source) is suggested.
Introduction to MT4 Platform Introduction to a Simple Strategy

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  1. Wow! What a easy, consise system to learn. The instructor explains everything so simply. I actually started trading this LIVE with MICRO lots (.01) even though they tell you not to…and it actually works! Its so simple and easy to learn you think, “How could this work”, but it does! If I can figure out how, I will upload a screen shot of my trading log to prove it, it does work! The Level 1 advanced course builds on this one so I’m going to get it. I will comment on that one too once I finish it.

  2. Great course to get started in the forex and start making some pips. Michael and Natalie explain everything about the platform, how to install the indicators, and go over several trade examples. I have been using it on the daily chart and I am doing pretty well with it looking forward to see what else they have to offer in their other courses.

    • Hi Steven…thank you very much for your positive feedback. Both me and Michael are very pleased that the program is working well for you! If you do have any questions at any time, please feel free to keep give us a quick e-mail – we will help wherever we possible can. Wishing you much success, and may the trend be with you! 🙂

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