We offer a revolutionary method of Forex trading, and are proud to transfer this same knowledge, and strategy, to our students so they can be confident in themselves, and gain consistent profitability.


Unique Trading System

Our system focuses on trading range breakouts, and we give a lot of attention to the technical indicators rather than the fundamentals to ensure profitable trading sessions.


Our system caters to everyone, no matter your experience level, whether you are at home, or have a full time job. It works on all time frames, and is very easy to understand and apply.

One-on-One Coaching

We also offer a coaching programme where we can literally take you by the hand and lead you though every step of the way until you can trade successfully and with confidence.

Customized Trading Plan

We provide you with a good, solid, written trading plan, a template already containing everything you need for each Level of your trading programme.

Early Success

We also do not just focus on the amount of money which can be made, but on the pips which are available to take out of the market on every trading session you take, this has proven to be a great money management strategy.

Positive Results

Money management is of the absolute essence, and you can only trade successfully if you stop staring into the $$$ signs, and focus on the market movement itself.



You will learn how to develop proper habits and trade a simple, clear strategy with easy to follow rules within your first hour of study.
You will also get the tools to identify and trade exact entry and exit points, with clear stop losses, and profit targets.

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We introduce you to another confirmation indicator and use multiple time frames to increase the odds of winning.
You will learn to recognize and trade trending, and counter trending markets with greater confidence.

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This is our core training level where we introduce you to market rhythm, and teach you how to confidently trade counter-trending, trending, and divergent markets.

All skills are combined to help you trade profitably, with confidence.

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Training method designed to help student accelerate their success, and begin to trade better faster. The reason this works is that most people do better when held accountable for results. See if ``Coaching`` is right for you.

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Lesson Hours

Pips Taken / Month


  • All I can say is WOW, after working with Natalie my trading has improved drastically in a very short period of time. I can honestly say that I am now a more consistently profitable trader, and I execute all of my trades with confidence.

    Alex H
  • Since working with Natalie I have had one trade over 165 Pips and one over 120. It is such a relief to finally find someone who teaches what she uses and is successful on her trading before she started teaching.

    Les K
  • This Level 1 course is great! The instructor explains everything so clearly it’s very easy to follow. I’ve finally found a trading system that is both easy to learn and fun to trade! Thanks so much.

    Shawn R
  • Since working with Natalie I had my first positive month in trading forex in April where I was positive 100 pips. I followed that up with a 754 pip month in May and I’m working diligently to surpass that effort in June. I know the systems works, my job is to control my emotions, and let the market dictate how and when to trade. I’m grateful for Forex Basics Plus.

    Donnell R
  • My struggle with Forex was never due to lack of good strategies. What I needed is the right type of coaching, hand holding, and support. I am now blessed to have a dream team on my side. Natalie and Michael are everything I wished for to regain my confidence to make it “work” in Forex once and for all.

    Mohammad H
  • I have been very pleased to have Natalie's coaching me in the Forex arena. Her approach to the Forex market has been excellent, the training in her system has been very systematic, logical and well thought out. I have been very impressed with the time she has been willing to work with me in helping me get up and running learning the nuances of the approach she has to the market.

    Richard A

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